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Pick Guard Skin
Pick Guard Skin (STRAT-1PG-)

Did you know it takes at least an hour (if you are experienced!) to change out a standard pick guard?

Our Pick Guard Skins allows you to change the look of your guitar in as little as 5 minutes! Simply remove the small screws along the edge of your pick guard, pop off all the knobs (including the switch knob), slide the skin over the top of the pick guard, put the screws back in and pop the knobs back on. That's it!

Our Pick Guard Skins are for Fender Stratocasters with the standard 3 single coil pick up configuration.


Please note that because there are many different Stratocasters in the market place from different origins, the pick guard skin may require slight modifications to fit properly.  All rights reserved.  

List Price: $19.95 Manufacturer:
Price: $19.95 $16.95 (Save $3.00) Model Number: STRAT-1PG-

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