VT100 - Sound Famous Fast (VO-VT100)

VT100 - Sound Famous Fast
Model# VO-VT100
UPC 4959112067455

Call for price!

The VT Series Valvetronix combo amplifiers combine amp modeling, tube-driven Valve Reactor technology, and a dozen editable effects to deliver treasure troves of tone. Select from twenty-two classic Song presets and sound famous fast. The hundred-watt VT100 features an effects loop, two twelve-inch speakers; plus connections for an external cabinet.

• VT amps offer 22 premium amp model presets - plus an additional 22 presets with assigned effects• Powered by a 12AX7 vacuum tube, the Valve Reactor adds the warmth and snarl of true-tube sound
• The 22 Song presets each capture the sound of a classic song, bringing the total preset count to 66• The VT100 provides 100 watts, two 12-inch speakers, an effects loop, and an external speaker jack
• Create, store and edit up to 8 additional programs and perform with your own signature sound 

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