VTX150 Neodymium Valvetronix Pro Modeling Amp (VO-VTX150)

VTX150 Neodymium Valvetronix Pro Modeling Amp
Model# VO-VTX150
UPC 4959112086388

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The Valvetronix Pro Series is the ultimate in VOX modeling amps, offering more amp models and more ready-to-play presets. The upgraded Valve Reactor circuit uses an EL84 tube. The VTX150 offers Gain, Volume, Master Volume, and a three-band EQ. Plus, there are tons of effects and a 12" Neodymium speaker.

• Valvetronix Pro 150 Watt combo amp with 132 Presets; 44 Amp Models; 25 Effects; 8 User programs• Emulated speaker headphone out; Jam-along MP3/CD AUX Input; Built-in Tuner; Effects Loop
• EL84 Vacuum Tube Valve Reactor Circuit; 12" Celestion VOX NeoDog speaker; Extension Speaker jack• Optional VC-12SV foot controller (adds 8 more User programs); optional VFS5 footswitch
• Power Level knob limits the output wattage for full tube distortion at any listening level 

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